What is Energy Work and Energy Walks?

Restorative and relaxing, an energy session such as an energy walk helps the body, mind and soul come into balance.


Our entire world is energy. Flowing freely, wellbeing follows. We are able to navigate the obstacles in our day to day lives that bit better. The energy work helps us to get rid of what no longer serves us. All living things have an electromagnetic energy field and with energy work, this is one of the things we work with.


Energy Work can also be known as Spiritual Healing, Reiki, Rahanni, Tai Chi, Qi-Gong, Quantum Touch - and many others. I see pure energy as clear water and sometimes these different modalities are simply different flavours. It depends what we need at the time and what the practitioner and client connect most with.


Getting outside in nature can be equally beneficial hence why I believe in Eco Therapy. Nature, coupled with talking therapy and energy work can be incredibly revitalising and with that I started 'Energy Walks'. 


I’m training as a counsellor, and have found this to be a wonderful Complementary Therapy dynamic. I love to work outside with talking therapy as much as possible and this is sometimes called 'Nature Therapy' or Eco Therapy.

Depending on what you want to work on, like any therapy or detox, we can temporarily feel some emotional ups and downs. Any areas of life we want to work through may be highlighted. You may have occasional aches as the energy brings things into balance. Remember this is temporary and is just the energy working with your own permissions to clear what you no longer need.

If you’re new to energy work, it's definitely one to be tried rather than explained! Remember I can't guarantee how you'll feel but I do my best to guide you as you've asked me to. This is a professional, friendly and respectful working relationship. 





I've listened to talks by doctors such as Donese Worden and I hear that scientists are looking to 'measure' the electromagnetic field from energy practitioners. It seems they have found that the frequency from energy practitioner's hand emits a frequency of  around 7.8hz. 7.83hz is the same frequency as the earth's magnetic field - also known as the Schumann Resonance - hence why nature (eco therapy) can be just as therapeutic. 

I’ve said a bit about what energy work is. What it isn't, is a magic solution or entertainment. In essence, it's respectful agreement for both of us to work together on your wellbeing. I can't guarantee what you'll feel, but I can guarantee I do my best to work on your goals together.


I believe in the power of sound and recommend listening to binaural beats which is highly effective in rebalancing our energy centres. I also enjoy using crystals and colour therapy to assist energy work. I also love using essential oils. Oils of exceptional quality and can deeply assist healing on many levels. Using natural intuition and perceptive insight, we work with energy to help align your body, mind and spirit. 

Even though eco therapy and talking therapies are excellent complimentary therapies, do remember that you are in charge of your body and mind and you know yourself best. Often it's wise to consult a professional health practitioner when we're feeling out of sorts. 


Our energy walk sessions are all outside. To prepare for a session, in the 24 hours leading up drink plenty of water and try to choose wholefoods, leaving out white flour and sugar as much as possible (although this is not essential). Choose comfortable, non restrictive clothing. All energy work is non contact so we will be complying with Covid regulations.


Head to 'services' to find out more about how sessions can look timewise.


Friends Talking Outside
Moutain Climbing Focus Energy Work
Hiking in Nature


The benefits of Eco Therapy, Talking Therapy and Energy Work can include:

  • Relaxation! Deep relaxation promotes natural physical, mental and spiritual healing and wellbeing

  • Feeling revitalised with a new perspective

  • Releases Stress and Tension

  • Helps dissolve energy blocks in the body 

  • Helps the body regenerate and clear toxins from the immune system, creating space for new energy!

  • Clears the mind and which can help with focus

  • Meditation and breathing techniques can aid better sleep