Short Guide to Cleansing Crystals

Your rock star allies..

There are many ways and it's simpler than you think

Crystal energy


Using pure intention to make friends with your new crystal buddy. Hold it and have a chat! Say why you've chosen it - when we really know it's the crystal that's chosen us ;) and simply say out loud - or not - how you'd like to work together.

“Whether in the ocean, a pebble, a gemstone, or yourself, the energy of the universe permeates all." - Sarah Bartlett

If you've had a session with me and we've worked with crystals, I've very likely talked about this. Intention is the simplest and purest form of magic, along with love of course! Crystals are true allies in helping you with what you want to achieve.


I've not met a crystal that doesn't love the light of the moon. Leave your crystals out overnight on the night of a full moon to fully absorb and recharge. If you can't leave them outside, you can leave them inside your window to absorb the light through the glass.

Remember to research your crystal type, some erode with water - Selenite for example. If you are leaving your crystals outside and they're not too compatible with water, check if it's due to rain. However, inside or outside, all crystals I've worked with love the full moon.


Crystals - like us - get recharged by the sun! However - similar to what I wrote about with rain, not all crystals like the fully fledged glare of the sun at all times and may fade or dry. So do a little research with your stones before you find your chosen methods :)


Sometimes, when you buy a crystal you just want to cleanse it and get to know it straight away. The easiest thing to do is to hold it under running water with the intention of it being cleansed and ready to use. Again, check your crystal is ok with water. Often a quick rinse is fine, but good to check :) I love using crystals such as rose quartz in the bath, makes a beautiful energy charged bath!


Take it back to nature and bury your crystal in the ground overnight to literally 'ground' the energy and recharge it with the natural resonance of the earth - which in itself is cleansing - as you'll know from coming out on an energy walk with me. Obviously do this in a safe space so that you can find it again and check that the crystal is ok with water. If any soil gets lodged around it, give it a rinse and you can use a baby toothbrush to gently clean it.


Another classic. Immerse your crystal in sea salt - white, pink or black. Most crystals are absolutely fine with this and salt is a powerful cleanser. If you're combing salt with water for this, do check your crystal won't erode. Most quartz is hardy enough for almost all cleansing methods.

Incense / smudge sticks

Quality incense sticks and smudge sticks such as sage or palo santo promote negative ions in the atmosphere - similar to sea air - this charges the room with positive energy. Negative ions = positive energy. Cleanse your crystal with the smoke of a high quality smudge stick - I think all crystals would be fine with this. Maybe not all rooms though - check for fire alarms, especially if you're smudging at 3am ;)

Other Crystals

Crystals love being out and being seen and utilised - as much as they love working with other crystals and living things such as plants. Plants and crystals work beautifully together so keep them near each other. Crystal formations such as amethyst geodes make wonderful charging plates for other crystals. Some crystals are 'self charging' - but I still think it's good manners to let them have a moon bath every so often!

Once you have cleansed your crystal, get to know it. Keep it near you and even sleep with it near you or on you. You'll have powerful ally in no time. Some people charge their drinking water with crystals because they love the energy they give them. Try it out, you might like it!

This is a very simple summary that I hope will help you. If you have any questions, just ask :)