About Me

I believe that we all have the ability to balance our energy with the right support. I believe that active wellbeing practices can help bring balance and harmony to our lives. I’m interested in how we apply these practically to our day to day.

I’m a Holistic Energy Practitioner, Intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher and Eco Therapist with a wide range of eclectic beliefs. I say Reiki Master in the term of the title and the course I have studied; if anything practical reiki came into my life and mastered me. I then learnt how to master my energy that bit better. I'm training as a counsellor and psychotherapist at Level 3 currently and will qualify in 2022.


I was born in India in the late 70's and have been an intuitive for most of my life. I've been interested in metaphysics from a young age. I recall working with energy from around 6 years old and would often join my father in Tai Chi practice, later I would practice Tai Kwon Do. 

During school years I could go to the main library when I could to read about energy craft and all manner of things - but it wasn't until 16/17 that I started reading about divination and other metaphysical subjects with greater interest.

I started my journey in earnest in my 20’s.


I read ‘Practical Spirituality’ amongst other books and was keen to find ways on how to balance the day to day with metaphysical beliefs. I attended workshops, circles, discussion groups, sought out energy practitioners, psychics, book shop owners and started energy work (otherwise known as healing) for others in a spiritual church. I was lucky to learn from some of the best in their field. ​I do not 'heal' I don't have that power. Rather as energy workers - i.e reiki practitioners, we create a healing space for the client to come into balance. We are a conduit.

Being a Level 3 Counselling Skills practitioner, I am training to become a fully qualified therapeutic counsellor. I believe wholeheartedly in the power of talking and listening. I started a Discussion Group called ‘Practical Spirituality' a few years ago and thoroughly enjoy listening and talking through viewpoints that we have and how we help each other along in understanding. I now actively run Energy Walks - which is also known as Eco Therapy, or Nature Therapy. This combines talking therapy with whatever wellbeing practices suit you, such as simply walking, meditating, or light exercise.

Later, I would find out more about the power of our ‘heart brain’ and how the connection of the heart and the brain is essentially the seat of our power. I want everyone to understand the true power they hold, just by being themselves. The name You of Heart comes from believing that energetically the power of our heart centre and connecting with this. In my belief, it is the key to living our true purpose. I'm an advocate of work on the mind-body connection and believe that trapped emotions in the body can play a part in our overall well being.

My mission is to help people to be the best version of themselves. To help us all use the natural power we have within to grow, heal and live to our fullest potential. I love the work I do and have seen the benefits it can have on our mental and physical well being. ​

Enjoying Nature
Woman Walking Outdoors


o  Current course:

Level 4 Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapuetic Counselling Dip.CST

Aim Awards Level 4 - Qualify tbc 2021

o  Level 3 Diploma in Counselling Skills & Theory

Aim Awards Level 4

o  Levels 1 & 2 Counselling Skills & Theory


o  Reiki Master Teacher - Shinpiden

Reiki Illume

o  Reiki Practitioner - Okuden

Reiki Illume

o  Reiki First Degree - Shoden

Oxford Reiki

o  Life Coach Diploma

Centre of Excellence

o  Advanced Crystal Healing

School of Energy Healing

My Philosophy

I’m a Holistic Energy Practitioner. That means that I like to work with people by taking into account the whole being - this could include, mental, physical, spiritual and social aspects.


I work with a client as a 'conduit' and therefore there to create a healing space where the client is responsible for their own healing. Therefore I don't use the term 'healer' and prefer 'energy practitioner'.

​I like to work with all the Energy Modalities I talk about in ‘What Is Energy Work?’​ This, coupled with my counselling & psychotherapy training, my approach could be called Psychophysiology - looking at the physical and the psychological wellbeing. In other words: Holistic.


I work with talking therapy, energy, crystals, sound, colour, intuition and the guidance of the person I’m working with.

I’m a believer in the power of the heart. The heart has an energy field and an intelligence that we could call ‘instinct’. We have a heart-brain and working with this and our mind, is the key to our life work, experiences and emotions. 

I believe that unprocessed emotions can lead to trapped energy in the body. For example, that ‘pain in the neck’, the headache, the back pain. Yes it could be caused by an external factor, and we should see to it through the regular conventional medicinal ways that we know work for us. However a combination of Energy work, talking therapy and your own heart/mind alongside this, can absolutely help. 

If you haven’t already, I recommend watching e-Motion, Rewired feat. Dr Joe Dispenza and here a bit of science about the heart-brain connection via HeartMath

Energy work is a respectful working agreement. We work with your permissions and we know what we’re ready for. 

This natural, holistic approach to looking after ourselves has huge benefits to our mental and physical wellbeing. I enjoy my work and want to continue helping people to become the best version of themselves, as they perceive it. I believe that we all have the ability to balance and heal ourselves with the right support.

As much as I love working with people in energy sessions, I want to spread the word of how we can empower ourselves. ​​